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Maria Redig - Lifecreation

Conversational therapist, Coach, Speaker and Soul Voice® ... 


Soul Voice

Soul Voice®

Free your voice, improve communication, and unlock creative expression.

The human voice is the most powerful tool we have available to us to change our image/consciousness of ourselves. Each word we utter creates by its sound how we are perceived starting from our communication style and our being.


Conversational therapist

As a conversational therapist , I have long personal experience and training in both running a business and as working as a certified therapist. I have served on several boards and worked internationally.

From these experiences, I know that it can be lonely “on top” and challenging as an employee manager or in a family. In this area I can help.




To understand others you must understand yourself first and to se youre self and the body as a home which needs to be cleaned now and then.
Our state as individuals is linked to the state of the world; individual training gives shared development.