Soul Voice®

Free your voice, improve communication, and unlock creative expression.

The human voice is the most powerful tool we have available to us to change our image/consciousness of ourselves. Each word we utter creates by its sound how we are perceived starting from our communication style and our being.

Understanding how important it is to tone and use this instrument of communication changes not only our own consciousness, but also those who hear the tones of our voice, what we verbalize and express. Opening up and freeing the throat's chakra allows a freedom of expression which supports our communication and healing on all levels. The voice is just as unique as your fingerprint and reflects and acts as a map of our body, personality, and our collective and personal histories. For each experience we have had in life, the body retains our memories in the same way as a tape recorder does.

The journey is the willingness to allow the sound and tone to course through the various layers of the human energy systems. This allows the body to get back in balance and you will remember your unlimited creativity, playful inner child, and allow the real you to shine through.

Because all life consists of vibrations and we have inherited wisdom and knowledge in our DNA, we can figure out our DND cells coding through sound waves. Our cells are vibrating energy. Through varying sould voice techniques, you can learn step by step to free deeper and deeper layers of our cell's memory.

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