Light Therapy

Are you feeling tired and stressed? Do you keep getting headaches? Do you need light, relaxation, peace and quiet?

Light is the basis for the healthy survival of countless interdependent species. Functional seeing is a deep genetic instinct and the evolution of our brains is intimately linked to light and colour. Genetically we are highly dependent on this vibrant luminous input. It provides our body cells with essential information andactivates molecular guidance systems. Pure coloured light can rapidly normalize nerve activity, blood pressure and hormone levels. It will synchronize our manybody rhythms to supply a robust fondation for health. Dynamic light promptly increases our overall energy level and well being. You will discover unknown parts of your psyche far beyond language and logic. The colour spectrum is linear and continuous in an almost infinite gradation of tones. The projected light has a distinctly narrow bandwidth and is biologically similar to a laser.

Your energy, your joy, your lust for life and general positivity are replenished and the oxygen uptake, energy metabolism and enzyme activity of your cells given a satisfying boost. This leads to the synthesis of more DNA and new cells. For my monochrome light therapy I use Karl Ryberg’s "light dome" (see This is also beneficial if you’re feeling stressed or burnt out, or if you’re sleeping badly.

Treatment sessions are once a month. An average of three or four sessions are needed to restore balance and wellbeing.